The Petronas De Rooy Iveco Team has obtained a second place at the 2014 Dakar Rally Raid

The PETRONAS De Rooy Iveco Team, captained by the Dutch driver Gerard De Rooy, crossed the finish line just three minutes away from Karginov and his Kamaz, who is the winner of the 2014 Edition of the Dakar in the Trucks category . A great positioning for Gerard and his teammates who stayed on top of the general ranking for ten days, when they had to stop during the 11th stage of the race due to a puncture. After being the absolute leader of the 2014 Dakar Edition until that moment, the PETRONAS De Rooy Iveco Team did not give up, trying one final attack, with its top driver, during the last stage, La Serena – Valparaíso. The Dutch racer won the second place in the Special, extending his lead over Karginov to more than 10’. Gerard De Rooy and his co-pilot Tom Colsoul have crossed the finish line with the belief that they won the second edition of the Dakar, after the success of 2012, but the results of the race have been changed by walkover. In fact, the truck classification has been suspended after the accident occurred to the MINI of the Chinese drivers Young Zhou and Hong Yu Pan to which Karginov came to the rescue. ASO judges decided to analyze what happened during the last special stage and to cancel the time wasted by the Russian Team to assist the car after the accident. The jury of the competition has therefore adjudged the 2014 Edition of the Dakar to Karginov, with a lead of only 3’11’’ over the Petronas De Rooy Team. “It has been a really weird day – Gerard de Rooy says – We did a good race, trying to do our best during the last special stage. More or less in the middle of the this stage we found the overturned car of the Chinese drivers Young Zhou and Hong Yu Pan. The Chinese crew was unharmed, just the car number 319 was overturned. The track was not blocked so we went ahead to finish the clocked itinerary”. “We are however happy with our second place. We had a good race, we pushed everything we could: in short, we are satisfied with our work. We were leading the rally for ten days. The four trucks of the Petronas De Rooy team are all at the finish line and this is another great result for the team. We know we have done our best: in this moment is what counts.” Deep appreciation on the support of Petronas come from the mechanics and technicians who said “ We want to also thank Petronas that has not only been a valuable sponsor in this adventure, but also a valuable technical partner that has allowed us, with its lubricants of the Urania range, to tackle an edition of the 2014 Dakar with some steps that were also prohibitive for the vehicles”. This 36th Edition of the South American marathon, with its 9.000 kilometers of dunes and rocks called “The Odyssey”, has been one of the longest and most challenging competitions of the last years but since the early stages, the PETRONAS De Rooy Iveco Team has shown to have what it takes to get a good placement. It is not by chance that four trucks of our Team were already in the first 11 places of the ranking during the third stage: a striking fact that highlights the great performance of Gerard De Rooy and his team, as well as the quality and reliability of their vehicles and of the lubricants provided to them. Gerard answered in the following way to the question of our correspondent at the Rally Raid: Has the so difficult experience of this year been useful to get important information to further improve the mechanical part? “Yes, sure, as soon as we go back the engines will be sent to the Iveco factory to be disassembled and checked”. Even the lubricants will be analyzed in Villastellone, at the Petronas R&D Center located in Italy: “This edition of the Dakar has shown us some interesting lines of development…”.